16 April 2008

Fuck Lloyd Dobler!

First of all, this cheap and easy creation of mine was inspired by a website called RAINBOW PUKE (A Happy Place For Sad Rainbows) , which apparently stopped being updated about a year ago, but is still worth a few good chuckles nonetheless. I dunno, I guess I find puking rainbows rather hilarious.

Second of all, the final nudge that got me to whip this image together was the fact that the film SAY ANYTHING was shown on one of our local UHF channels this past weekend (does the term "UHF" even apply in today's modern world?), and while I was nursing a migraine, I laid there on the couch and subjected myself to one of my favorite movies to hate.

Yes, I hate Say Anything. I hate the movie because so many other people loved it, thinking it was a "real" reflection of teenaged life circa 1989. I found it trite, cliched, maudlin, boring, unrealistic, marginally acted, lamely written, poorly directed...But then, I think that about every last film Cameron Crowe has ever written and/or directed, with the possible exception of Fast Times At Ridgemont High, and even Fast Times pisses me off because the Spicoli character ended up being the template for just about ever stoner character that has abused our sensibilities since.

(Believe me, someday I'm going to write an insanely long and blathering post about all the ways I hate the way pot smokers are portrayed in Hollywood)

But if I am being honest, I hate Say Anything most of all because of that famous Peter Gabriel boombox scene. You see, 2-3 years prior to this film, I dated a girl who might still rank as the coolest girl I ever dated, and "In Your Eyes" was our song. This scene, in a movie I loathed pretty thoroughly, ruined that song for me, not to mention plenty of the good memories I had of my relationship with that girl.

Anyways, all this blathering is pointless. I just felt like posting the pic.

Hotcha! Hank

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