20 December 2008

Sink Your Teeth Into This Sideways Maneuver

Speaking of rock bassists of the mid-80's with permed and teased hair, here's Billy Sheehan from Talas, laying down a significantly better bass solo than Gene Simmons could ever fake with a DAT tape...

Now, I have a story about Billy Sheehan that is almost exactly the same as my Stevie Ray Vaughan story, and it is this:

For all I know, that is the top of my fucking head at the feet of Mr. Sheehan in this video...

Which is to say, Murph, Rosie and I saw Talas live at The Palms in Milwaukee in 1983, and we were pressed right up against the stage in front of Billy, and we talked and joked with him between songs, and handed him bottles of beer and cups of water...Unlike the SRV story, Billy Sheehan chatted with us after the show and autographed the covers of our Talas LPs...And then HE went backstage and drank some more and eventually made his way downtown via Lincoln Towne Car to the Hilton, where he fucked a thick Milwaukee groupie with fat Wisconsin tits out on the balcony of the 23rd floor. Or at least I imagine he did...

Murph and Rosie and I went to George Webb's for burgers and coffee, and then drove I-43 back to Grafton, all three of us sitting silently and listening to the ringing in our ears.

Hotcha! Hank

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