06 November 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 142

You've never heard this song on Classic Rock Radio™, and you never will, which is certainly a shame. "Stay With Me" is probably the only Faces song you've ever heard anywhere on the FM dial, and that's a shame too, because even though it's one of the finest rock songs ever written, it really ain't enough Faces for the airwaves. For every time "Stay With Me" gets played at 2:13 AM on yr local Classic Rock Radio™ station, you'll hear 19 Rolling Stones songs, including "You Can't Always Get What You Want" twice, and I guess that's my way of saying the Faces were pegged as some sort of second-rate Rolling Stones, which is kinda, sorta true, but that 19:1 ratio is absurd. Unfair. There were plenty of times, when the Faces out-stoned the Stones...
Now, I don't know if "Cindy Incidentally" out-stones the Stones, mostly because I don't think the Rolling Stones were actually capable of this exact kind of smooth swagger...Alot of that has to do with Ian McLagan's piano, no doubt, and yes, Ron Wood's guitar, which would soon after be poached by you know who...
In the end, I'm like 99% of you, of course, and take The Rolling Stones if forced to choose, but that still doesn't mean a song like "Cindy Incidentally" doesn't deserve to shine a bit...Or "Flying"..."Glad And Sorry", "Bad'n'Ruin", "Had Me A Real Good Time", "You're So Rude"...And if that can't happen, how about Classic Rock Radio™ should adjust that Stay With Me Ratio™ to something like 9:1.
I, for one, could live with those odds.
Hotcha! Hank

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