15 July 2011

Something 4 The Weekend # 212

Frank Ocean: Nostalgia, Ultra: "Songs For Women" [mp3]

I was travelling down University Avenue in Middleton during lunch hour today, and I'm the first car sitting at a red light when it happened.

What happened is, a fifty-something year old dude in a maroon Ford F-250 is making a left turn onto University Ave, crossing right in front of me, and I'm watching him looking intently at about a dozen scantily-clad teenaged girls washing cars for charity in a parking lot at the far corner of the intersection. (Of course I had watched them myself when I came to that stop)...

I watched this dude with his eyes locked on those young, nubile girls as he drove his truck straight up over the curb and sidewalk and into the front end of a black Acura parked in front of Scott's Pastry Shoppe.

I was laughing before he even crashed, and I was still kinda laughing when I drove around the block and came back to act as witness for the cops.

I laughed again when I went and got my car washed.

Anyways, this song was playing as a dozen teenaged girls scrubbed and hosed and patted dry my Grand Marquis.

I'm chuckling right now.

Hotcha! Hank

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey keep on blogging.Fuck the views I say!

July 20, 2011 4:39 PM  
Blogger Hank Mohaski said...


I believe it's the lack of pageviews that keeps me from actually "blogging". Right now, I'm just going through the motions...

July 20, 2011 6:39 PM  

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