23 August 2007

What about the farting ducks?

Scientists in Norway are reporting that the average adult moose belches out 100 kilograms of methane gas annually. 100 kgs of methane equals 2100 kgs of carbon dioxide, which is more CO2 than a single round trip flight between Norway and Chile generates.
Quite frankly, I find this news utterly shocking and completely unacceptable. Firstly, I find it hard to believe that we did not know this information until 2007. We've known about cow flatulance for several decades now, and I gotta believe we've known about moose belches for nearly as long. So, the question is - who knew, and for how long? And why didn't they tell us until now?

But more importantly, what are our political leaders going to do/say about this?

Until we solve this inexcusable moose problem, things like "Homeland Security" and "Socialized Medicine" are moot. Or ought to be.

And yet, I have my doubts that any of the US Presidential candidates are going to address this environmental disaster. America has thousands of moose roaming the northern half of the country, belching at will and making life difficult for those who must endure the endless scorn of the liberal left for driving SUVs and yachts.

The same liberal left who will undoubtedly side with the moose in all this...

All I know is that if our leaders are unwilling to confront the moose problem directly, we will have no choice but to form armed militias across this land, take to the woods, and solve this problem ourselves, once and for all.
Al Gore - where you at?
Hotcha! Hank

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