15 November 2007

Belated Earth Sideways Maneuver

This is the current incarnation of EARTH, performing the song "A Plague Of Angels", from their Hibernaculum album...Circa last year...Dylan Carlson is the dude on the right playing guitar, the drummer is Adrienne Davies, and that's Don McGreevy on the left, manning the thunder broom...

This incarnation is probably the most stable lineup in the band's history, and this song and performance is indicative of the "Roots Drone" thing they've been doing since Carlson got past his drug and legal problems...As much as I admire Carlson's early music, the heavy Doom/Drone stuff that is hella lot more groundbreaking than most folks know, I gotta say, this thing he's got happening now is just as exciting and groundbreaking in a whole new way...

Of course, I'm suddenly reminded of Japancakes circa 1997, but whatever...

Hotcha! Hank

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