03 January 2008

R.I.P. 2007

Molly Ivins: American journalist & newspaper columnist

Barbaro: American racehorse

BamBam Bigelow: American professional wrestler

Denny Doherty: American singer, The Mamas & The Papas

Art Buchwald: American humorist & columnist

Michael Brecker: American Jazz & Pop saxophonist

Jimmy Cheatham: American Jazz trombonist

Alice Coltrane: American Jazz multi-instrumentalist

Charles Nelson-Reilly: American actor

Jerry Falwell: American evangelist

Robert Anton Wilson: American writer, futurist & conspiracy theorist

Michael "Mike Awesome" Alfonso: American professional wrestler

Sneaky Pete Kleinow: American pedal steel guitarist, The Flying Burrito Brothers

Anna Nicole Smith: American supermodel

Emmitt Williams: American poet, Fluxus artist

Ian Wallace: British drummer, King Crimson

Dennis Johnson: American professional basketball player

Billy Thorpe: Australian musician, "Children Of The Sun"

Jean Baudrillard: French Post-Modern philosopher

John Inman: British actor

Brad Delp: American singer, Boston

Bowie Kuhn: former Major League Baseball Commissioner

Calvert DeForest: American actor, Larry "Bud" Melman

Tony Scott: American Jazz clarinetist

Kurt Vonnegut: American author

Roscoe Lee Browne: American actor

Don Ho: American singer

Boris Yeltsin: former President of the Russian Federation

Jack Valenti: American President of the Motion Picture Association of America

Tom Posten: American actor, Newhart

Wally Schirra: American astronaut

Les Schwab: American tire tycoon

Clete Boyer: American baseball player

Richard Rorty: American philosopher

Guy de Rothschild: French banker and socialite

Ed Friendly: American television producer

Chris Benoit: American professional wrestler

Liz Claiborne: American fashion designer

George McCorkle: American guitarist, Marshall Tucker Band

Beverly Sills: American opera singer

Boots Randolph: American saxophonist

Jim Mitchell: American pornography producer

Tammy Faye Messner: American evangelist

Don Arden: British rock manager, father of Sharon Osbourne

Tom Snyder: American television talkshow host

Art Davis: American Jazz double bassist

Bill Walsh: American football coach, 3-time Super Bowl winner

Ingmar Bergman: Swedish stage and film director

Lee Hazlewood: American Country music singer and songwriter

Elie de Rothschild: French banker and socialite

Gato Del Sol: American racehorse

Joybubbles: American phone phreak

Tony Wilson: British owner of Factory Records, journalist

Herb Pomeroy: American Jazz trumpeter

Phil Rizzuto: American baseball player, sports broadcaster

Brooke Astor: American philanthropist

Brian "Crush" Adams: American professional wrestler

Dewey "The Missing Link" Robertson: Canadian professional wrestler

Max Roach: American Jazz drummer

Leona Helmsley: American hotelier

Haley Paige: American pornographic actress

Ray Jones: British footballer

Hilly Kristal: American bar owner, CBGB's

D. James Kennedy: American televangelist

Luciano Pavarotti: Italian Opera tenor

Madeleine L'Engle: American author

Billy Darnell: American professional wrestler

Jane Wyman: American Academy Award-winning actress

Joe Zawinul" Austrian Jazz keyboardist

Bobby Byrd: American Soul singer

Colin McCrae: British World Rally champion

Marcel Marceau: French Mime artist

Bill Wirtz: American owner of NHL's Chicago Blackhawks

Lois Maxwell: Canadian actress

John Henry: American racehorse

Slew O'Gold: American racehorse

Deborah Kerr: British actress

Teresa Brewer: American Pop and Jazz singer

Joey Bishop: American entertainer, last surviving member of "The Rat Pack"

Lucky Dube: South African Reggae musician

Max McGee: American football player, Green Bay Packers

Porter Waggoner: American Country music singer

Washoe: African chimpanzee, believed to be first non-human to acquire human language

Linda Stein: American manager of The Ramones

Robert Goulet: American singer and actor

Alderbrook: British racehorse

George Washington: Irish racehorse

Hank Thompson: American Country music singer

Norman Mailer: American author

Dick Wilson: British actor, "Mr. Whipple"

Jim Ringo: American football player, Green Bay Packers

Kevin DuBrow: American Heavy Metal singer, Quiet Riot

Sean Taylor: American football player

Karlheinz Stockhausen: German composer

Ike Turner: American R'n'B musician

Dan Fogelberg: American singer-songwriter

Jeanne Carmen: American actress and pin-up girl

Benazir Bhutto: Pakastani opposition leader and former Prime Minister

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