22 May 2008


Most days, my job keeps me pretty busy. Some days, however, there simply isn't much to do, and to stop wondering to myself why I just don't use a few of the 192 vacation hours I've accumulated, lately I've been visiting FRIV to kill some time at my desk.
FRIV is a game site. It features 200 Flash Games (to be honest, I dunno if they're all Flash) of all crazy sorts, and it's fun to blindly click on one of those icons and see what new random game I'm gonna try next. Some of these games are outright turds, but plenty of 'em are 100% HOT POOP, and if you've played any games online over the past few years, you've probably ran into more than a few of 'em.
Lately I've been digging THE SNIPER, TOWER BLASTER, FLIGHT OF THE HAMSTERS, and GATEWAY. If ya get bored at work yrself, why not give the the site a spin, and see what you can find...200 games, babycakes, and I've only tasted about 40 of 'em so far...
(That's four weeks and four days of vacation babycakes, just sitting there, begging to be slapped and tickled)
Hotcha! Hank

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