24 February 2009

So Many Skull T-Shirts, So Little Rent Money

Two years ago I posted a list of (what I consider) really stupid band names, most of them culled from the pages of Alternative Press magazine...Names that I just don't understand, names that probably nobody understands, names that are meaningless, names that are just plain moronic, names that lack any sort of punch, and names that are actually complete sentences...So many lame names that might work as song titles, or album titles, but just don't make any sort of sense as band names...So, here we are again, two years later, and since I think about this topic all the time because I read Alt Press religiously every month, here's another list...The ones I loathe the most are in bold...

My Children, My Bride
Crime In Stereo
Danger Radio
Breathe Carolina
The Years Gone By
Before Their Eyes
Consider The Thief
The Paper And The Plane
Postmark Twain
Thirteen Yards To Victory
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo (the single worst band name going these days)
A Breath Before Surfacing
I Am Alaska
Sing It Loud
Fake Shark-Real Zombie!
The Two Koreas
I Am The Dream
Becoming The Archetype
Forever The Sickest Kids
Admiral's Arms
Love, She Wrote
Motionless In White
The Stiletto Formal
A Kidnap In Color
A Different Breed Of Killer
The Action Design
Light Yourself On Fire
Don The Reader
Late Of The Pier
Forgive Durden
Pathway To Providence
Now, Now Every Children
Report Suspicious Activities
A Bird A Sparrow
True Window
Magnetic Morning
East Of The Wall
Davenport Cabinet
Artist Vs. Poet

Hotcha! Hank

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