03 July 2007

2007 Laminated List # 4

You may know her as Donna R., or you may know her as Allison Robertson, either way, she plays Gibson SGs and Les Pauls for The Donnas. Actually she plays pretty good hard rock guitar, which I admired previously HERE at Hot Poop.

So, we got the smokey brunette on guitar, and really, do I need to elaborate any more on this? If I'm gonna have a smokey brunette guitarist on my list, I guess I could have picked PJ Harvey, but she's too skinny for me. Chrissie Hynde is a solid choice, cuz she's a firebrand, isn't she, but I think the PETA vegan side of her wouldn't quite jibe with my carnivorous ways, so...
Joni Mitchell ain't brunette, plus, she's a little too MILF for me...Tori Amos is hot and a bit unhinged I think, but she plays piano.
Ahh, soft misogyny...


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