08 December 2007

Crusties Revenge Maneuver

So, this is The Crusties (they may have just called themselves Crusties, I don't remember), a hardcore punk band that originally hit the Milwaukee scene around 1983...Except, this particular performance is from 2004 at Mad Planet in Milwaukee, and the song, "Rats Revenge" is a fairly new one as well...

The Crusties sounded mostly like a west coast punk band to me, and though they were courted by Touch'n'Go outta Detroit, they probably would have sounded more at home on SST...The trumpet that singer Tim Cole sometimes used was a fairly fresh approach to the genre, and the chainsaw he would whip out onstage was fairly unique as well, I suppose...

Despite those label courtships, The Crusties never really escaped Wisconsin, though they were well-loved and well-respected by the underground community here at home. By the end of the decade, their hardcore dream was deferred. Tim Cole moved to Texas, but interestingly enough, interest in the band never completely died, some of their old recordings were re-released in the mid-90's, and in this past decade, the band has re-united to play shows and even release a new CD of new songs called Rats Revenge...

Hotcha! Hank

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