04 December 2007

A Hines Ward Kinda Love

I love Hines Ward.

Ya gotta love Hines Ward.

Hines Ward caught two touchdown passes this past Sunday in the Pittsburgh-Cincinnati game, giving him the most career TD receptions (64) in Steeler history. Ward had previously surpassed Lynn Swann, and now he passes John Stallworth, for the honor. Both of those receivers are in the NFL Hall Of Fame, and I think it's safe to say that one day Ward will be in Canton as well.
I love Hines Ward because he works hard. Because he's rarely missed a game (3 games, I think) due to injury in nearly a decade. Because as a receiver he runs precise routes and has extremely good hands. Because he's long been considered one of the best blocking receivers in the NFL. All of this makes him an extremely reliable target for Ben Roethlisberger, and really, the most valuable player on the Steelers' offense.

But mostly, I love Hines Ward because Hines Ward obviously loves playing football. As John Madden pointed out during the Steelers-Bengals game on Sunday night, Hines Ward is always smiling. He's smiling whether he's winning or losing, whether it's sunny, or another wet, muddy swamp at Heinz Field. Hell, I'm pretty sure he's smiling in that top photograph, that's how much this guy loves football.

And finally, it's a simple name, but a good name. Hines Ward.

I love Hines Ward because I like saying "Hines Ward".


Hotcha! Hank

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