25 January 2008

Sideways Quay Lewd Pinball Maneuver

So, here we've got the self-same "White Punks On Dope" from this week's SOMETHING 4 THE WEEKEND, performed live by The Tubes on The Old Grey Whistle Test, probably around 1976...Roadie-turned-frontman Fee Waybill (how's THAT for a great rock'n'roll stage name?) appears here in the guise of Quay Lewd, the drug-addled rock'n'roll nincompoop who tries to keep his shit together, all atop 13 inch high rise platform shoes...I might be wrong, but I believe Fee broke his ankle and tore an ACL during this particular performance...

Yeah, I think I'm wrong about that...

I gotta believe this particular character is a send-up of Elton John, who was certainly drug-addled throughout the 1970's, and though I'd say it's not Elton's fault that he wore those huge shoes in TOMMY, it IS his fault that he adopted them for his own stage show.

In any event, this clip from TOMMY is a totally sweet music video in it's own right, and LONG LIVE THE TUBES!

Hotcha! Hank

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

seen these boys back in the early '80s, they tell me i had a good time. the show opened with "hey sports fans" (or was that the encore? no matter) with cheerleaders kicking footballs into the audience, then i blacked out after that (or was it before that? again, no matter). i guess i shouldn't have drank that 30 pack of pabst blue ribbon before the show. come to think of it, there have been a number of shows that i went to that i wish i would have been less comatose to enjoy...ah, the '80s (again, i'm told i had a good time!) *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF!*

January 28, 2008 10:39 PM  

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