26 December 2008

On The Second Day Of Christmas

I give to thee...TWO random and radical tunes from that dynamic duo, TAPE JAZZ MASSACRE, fellow denizens of the true ButterScotch Threshold, which means we go way back, way deep...Backer and deeper than you can ever know...Ornette Yukahiro and Big Jimmmmie Cakefingers, two dudes from MKE by way of two other places, who sample and manipulate other people's music for strictly educational and recreational purposes...

Enjoy. Or learn something. Big Jimmmmie doesn't care. He's eating cake, right now. I just got off the phone with him, and I could hear him chewing softly and kinda wheezing on the other end. He says happy Boxing Day to all of you that he doesn't know and one or two he does, and he told me I should stream these two TAPE JAZZ MASSACRE songs, so here they are...

Oh, and he sez, "100%!"


Tape Jazz Massacre: 100%: "Smokin' Aspirin" [mp3]

Since Ornette does 73% of the music sampling for Tape Jazz Massacre, Big Jimmmmie wasn't sure where the music lumpen for this song came from...He guesses either Thelonious Monk or Matthew Shipp...My votes for Shipp...I seem to remember Ornette borrowing the Circular Temple album from me a few years ago...I seem to know he still has it...

What Big Jimmmmie does know is that this is one of only four TJM songs that his vocals can be heard...Most of the time (54%) he's the one responsible for sampling other people's words. These are his words:

One time, I smoked aspirin and it made my foot numb. One time I snorted Gold Bond powder, and it gave me a headache. One time I found this toad, and I licked it, but nothing happened. One time I drank a bottle of White-Out, and I had a fever dream that I was a Chinese weatherman, and I was married to my dog. One time I smoked aspirin and it made my foot numb.

Big Jimmmmie claims none of this is true, except the part about smoking aspirin.

Tape Jazz Massacre: Cookin' With Tape Jazz Massacre: "Tape Jazz Massacre Is Rolling In Dough" [mp3]

Big Jimmmmie sez exactly 50% of this song was his doing - namely the sampling and manipulation of Martin Yan, a Chinese-born cook who host the popular Yan Can Cook television show...Ornette contributed the music samples, the other 50%, and again, Big Jimmmmie has no idea where they came from, so he guessed Stetsasonic, who were no doubt sampling somebody else...I took a wild, wild stab at it, and said Autechre and ESG...He laughed, and I swear I could hear specks of cake and flecks of frosting hitting his mouthpiece...

Anyways, there are too many words in this song for me to transcribe 'em here, but all you really need to know is that it's all about making Mandarin Scallion Pancakes, and another thing you don't need to know but might want to know (or that I might want you to know) is that I do all of Tape Jazz Massacre's artwork. 100%

Hotcha! Hank

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