26 December 2008

Something 4 The Weekend # 99

Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock: "Burn Don't Freeze" [mp3]

99 divided by 3 equals 33...Add a third to that and it's a real longplayer, babycakes!

So of course it's a good time to catch up with three wild cats who wailed and hailed from Olympia, Washington, with three, count 'em, three songs from their 1999 album, The Hot Rock, natch...Plus, the first time I streamed Sleater-Kinney here at HOT POOP, way back in the spring of 2006, I served up three other nuggets from three other S-K albums...

Not The Hot Rock album...

Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock: "Banned From The End Of The World" [mp3]

It was S4TW #6 back then, a time when I still wasn't uploading album cover art, and the songs streamed from ye olde ButterScotch Threshold...Ah, such innocent days...

And here we are now, at the end of a year that kinda feels like the end of the world really might be right around the corner...But we don't really wanna consider the number crunchers and broke-assed brokers who are dragging all of us over the edge, do we?

No. So this is # 99 in a high performance series, and next week it will be the 100th something else 4 the weekend, and it will be 1-2-2009 and I suppose there's a whole lotta fantastic equations in all of this, but quite frankly, I'm still drunk on ham, and in no mood for more math.

Neither are you, I'm gonna guess, cuz guessing is the arch-enemy of arithmetic, and I never hung around with mathletes. I was on the debate team, which was really all about word problems, you know?

Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock: "Get Up" [mp3]

I dunno what a song about death/near death and a triumphant afterlife/re-awakening has to do with any of this, but it satisfies the pattern I got going here with Sleater-Kinney and the magical number 3, so I'm gonna go reheat some mashed potatoes, make a kong gravy, and get down to some Ted Nugent because I listened to Sleater-Kinney on my entire roundtrip to/from Mount Horeb yesterday, a trip I cannot and will not speak of, ever.

Strictly for commercial reasons.

I'm still drunk on ham (And troll mustard [don't ask]). Good morning.

Hotcha! Hank

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