10 August 2006


This noisy quartet is Last Exit, one of the most intense bands I've ever heard, and they've been a great musical tool for me over the years - to clean my sinuses and generally "get my shit correct". I'm posting this because Sonny Sharrock is the guitar player in Last Exit, and Sharrock is one of my biggest and deepest influences as a musician and guitarist. I was young enough, and foolish enough, once upon a time (around 1988), to believe I could fake my way into a "career" as a Free Jazz guitarist, just like my hero, Sonny. I was soooo wrong, of course, which basically makes me respect Sharrock even more. So, anyways, as far as I can tell, this is the only video currently streaming at YouTube that includes Sharrock, and of course I had to link it here. This music certainly isn't for everybody, but it takes more ability than one might realize to play this kind of skronk.

Sonny Sharrock died in 1994 of a heart attack brought on by his daily consumption of In'n'Out Burgers, but not before recording his 1991 solo album, Ask The Ages, which is one of my Desert Island Discs. Such an album of beauty and power, I strongly urge everyone to check it out...

The last thing I'll say about Sonny Sharrock that might interest non-fans, is that he did the theme song and show music for Space Ghost Coast To Coast.

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