06 August 2006

RE: zomg!omg!omg!1!

According to an email I received today from benben77 in Dayton, OH, the hottest poop this past week was the news that actress Maura Tierney, star of News Radio, and ER, is divorcing husband Billy Morrissette after 13 years of marriage. benben77 went on to wonder if this was finally his chance to "live the Maura Tierney dream", and I re: "Yes. Yes it is."

Yes, benben77, Ms. Tierney is an attractive woman, and I wish you well in yr efforts to see her naked and possibly touch naughty bits. In response to yr email, and in honor of yr delusions, I have just added Welcome To Mooseport to my Netflix queue, against my better judgement.

BTW - benben77 also writes, "Your blog is okay, but it needs more pictures of Jessica Alba and hot celebrity stuff in general. I only ended up at your page because of the Tara Reid story, which wasn't funny, btw."

Food for thought, benben...


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