12 August 2006

Luna - "Dear Diary"

Luna was (and remains) one of my favorite bands of the 1990's. Definitely under the influence of the Velvet Underground, which is a good start, Dean Wareham excedes Lou Reed in all aspects - lyrics, singing, songwriting, guitar-playing (Sean Eden, on the video's right, is Luna's knockout punch), and you bet yr ass I realize what a ballsy call that is...None of my friends like Luna. I guess that's their problem.

Anyways, I'm streaming this video because I just watched the Luna documentary, Tell Me Do You Miss Me, which is a bittersweet look at a life on the road during Luna's last tour, before the band called it quits after 16 years. If you are interested in the Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle, like to bathe in the wonders of a rich travelogue, or just enjoy well-made documentaries, I highly recommend this DVD.

Tell Me Do You Miss Me: Amazon Link

Luna: Wiki

Fuzzywuzzy: The Official Luna Website


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