26 August 2006

Something 4 The Weekend # 2

Ahhh, the best 28.57% of the week is here again, and in honor of this small occasion, it is time for the second installment of Something 4 The Weekend.

This weekend's song is by The Vapors. It's called "Waiting For The Weekend" and it's from their 1980 debut album, New Clear Days, which has been one of my favorite 3 albums, well, for 26 years now.

The Vapors: New Clear Days: "Waiting For The Weekend" [mp3 removed]

New Clear Days really is a perfect Pop/Power Pop/New Wave/Rock album. Ten tightly-wound, high energy songs, well-recorded and brilliantly sequenced for maximum impact.

The band followed up their debut classic with Magnets, which is almost as great, and then they just disappeared. And you know what? I never cared to wonder too much why. They gave us two fantastic recordings which is a bright, shining legacy that goes waaay deeper than "Turning Japanese". Plus, they didn't have to risk the chance of totally fucking up "the difficult third album".

BTW and FTR - Not every song featured on Something 4 The Weekend will necessarily be about the weekend, or contain the word "weekend", so don't get any bright ideas.


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