19 April 2008


The 16 Potential Names Of My Last Role-Playing Character


The band I was in from 86-89, Mumniti, played an epic D&D campaign, with bassist Fred as the DM, once a week for a year or so...My character was an elven Thief/Assassin named Poto Sai...

That was the first time I ever did the whole role-playing thing...It was pretty cool...My character spent half the year under the spell of some magic mushrooms I had eaten...Lycanthropy was involved for awhile, and my character's dreams/hallucinations were most excellent...Along the way I stole and did contract hits in a middle-earth fantasy kinda universe with a band of other morally ambiguous adventurers...

(Later on the Thief video game franchise came along...one of my faves, natch, that made it's way to #3 on a previous HANK RANKS, dontcha know?)

The second and last time I role played was about two years ago, when a neighbor of my friend The Thump, put together an old, Wild West-themed campaign...It seemed like a fun way to kill 2-3 hours once a week, and so I put together a character, and a-role-playing I went, with Thump, and a Scottish dude named Shane...The neighbor who would be the DM was named Austin...

Four of us, who's personalities didn't quite mesh, and the story moved too slowly, I thought, and so we never got much traction...I think we played about a dozen times before it all fell apart...

Anyways, my character's name ended up being Asa Blackburn, which isn't actually on this list, and his backstory was that he was a farmer (tobacco, corn, assorted animals) who's house and barn and fields had been ransacked and burned to the ground by the Confederate Army during the Civil War...His wife had been killed in the fire, and for reasons unknown, he fled to the west, ending up in a small mining town called Dead Mule, out in "Injun country"...Looking for adventure, and to simply forget his tragic past...He drinks alot, and attempts to befriend a VERY LARGE FORMER CIRCUS BEAR...

Long blathering story short, yesterday I found an old index card with these names written down on it...My list of potential names for my character...Feel free to use any of these names for any of yr role-playing needs, or if you possibly need an alias in Wyoming...

Honorable Mention: Uriah Creep

16 = Lucian Smith
15 = Red Foote
14 = Commodore Coombs
13 = Buford Newton
12 = Luther Colt
11 = Mordecai Booker
10 = Calvin Wiley
09 = Rufus Dixon
08 = Hiram Hitchcock
07 = Oscar Freeman
06 = Ezra Sexsmith
05 = Asa Whitcomb
04 = Levi Brewster
03 = Dutch Hamilton
02 = Silas Langhorn
01 = Horace Pepper

Hotcha! Hank

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