30 June 2008

2008 Laminated List # 4

So, I'm rewatching the complete STRANGERS WITH CANDY series on DVD for about the fifth or ninth time, and I keep getting dirty feelings and nasty thoughts for Jerri Blank, and if yr familiar with the show, you understand how wrong/right that is...Well, not really Jerri Blank so much as Amy Sedaris hiding beheath the hairdo and affectations...

If I know Amy Sedaris at all, and trust me I really don't, I know the person/persona she presents on talk shows, most notably David Letterman's. In a typical 8 minute segment, she's funny, sincere, goofy, wise, snarky, informative, sly, seductive, cute, infectiously happy, ribald, demure, and entertaining. Every time.

I think she's incredibly cute. It's her happy eyes and the overbite, and those cheeks, working in graceful union with the eyes. Small, woodland creatures have often been mentioned when describing Amy Sedaris' appearance, and I only mention this now so that I can add a FURRY ANIMALS tag to this post.

And yet, beyond all this cuteness, there is the mind that created Jerri Blank, and so we arrive at that well-worn cliche, "it's the one's you least suspect", because beneath all the adorable I get a strong sense of the naughty, and it's this good girl/bad girl essence that attracts me to Amy Sedaris, or rather, my belief that this cupcake-baking, rabbit-raising bohemian of pure delight has a rather rich and decadent secret life, delightful in its own right...

Amy Sedaris is truly one-of-a-kind, making her quite rare and precious, and every time I've seen her on television or film, she climbs just a little bit higher on my Laminated List...And here she is at #4...

Hotcha! Hank

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Blogger Dr Zibbs said...

another one of my fav shows. If you like strangers, checkout factory on Spike tv (check my blog out for info)

July 01, 2008 12:42 PM  

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