27 December 2008

On The Third Day Of Christmas

I give to thee...3 Sitcom Pitches...Absolutely free...


01: Crowd Of Drifters Based on a song called "Crowd Of Drifters" by The Magnetic Fields, this character-driven, single-camera sitcom follows the life of a 35 year old white man named Steve, who loses his job as a travelling salesman...A chance encounter with that crowd of drifters on his defeated retreat back home to Michigan offers him a chance to escape his job and life, and he takes that chance...These are his stories...Stories of scavenging, and hunting, and drinking, and trainspotting and sleeping deep in the woods of western America...All the while, still wearing his blue suit and carrying his black leather briefcase. What's in Steve's briefcase? And did you know, he left a family behind in Michigan?

02: TXR-28 And Me Meet Calvin. Calvin works in Sector 6-F of a microchip manufacturing plant. Meet the ensemble cast of 34 other workers in Sector 6-F. They all wear those "spacesuits" while they're working, so as you can imagine, communicating through those suits is difficult, and leads to many hilarious misunderstandings. But mostly they all work alone, lost in their own thoughts, inside their own helmets, some listening the greatest soundtrack of your fucking life on their iPods (product placement and music video-style montages that the kids just love), others simply lost in thought. Calvin works with a robot called the TXR-28 that he calls "Tex", and the funny thing is - Calvin believes Tex is sentient, and the two of them have long, weird talks all day long. (For the voice of Tex, I'm thinking Patton Oswalt). These talks lead to daydreams, in which we see Calvin doing all sorts of fantastic things. At lunch, all 35 characters (the biggest cast on TV?) congregate in the cafeteria, or out in the garden/park out back. More hilarity ensues, plus mild sexual situations and innuendo.

03: The Silver Hammer Isn't it about time we had another sitcom situated in a tavern? This time the place is called The Silver Hammer, and it's a British-styled Pub set in the city of Albuquerque, NM. The owner of the place is an eccentric British chap, and much of the humor is derived from him being a fish outta water out there in the desert Southwest...Naturally this will be an ensemble cast, and will borrow liberally from Cheers, of course. Featuring a Britpop soundtrack heavy on The Kinks.

Hotcha! Hank

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