01 September 2006

Something 4 The Weekend # 3

Another Friday night, another Something 4 The Weekend, and tonight it's "Weekend Warrior" by Ted Nugent, and yeah, it's the third song in a row with "weekend" in the title, but this ain't gonna be a thing, ya dig...

I was a huge Nuge fan back in my youth, especially the Double Live Gonzo album, and I was 12 when that LP came out...I gave up on Terrible Ted with the release of Intensities In Ten Cities in 1981, and so what's weird about all this is that by the age of 15, I had all the Nugent I was ever gonna need, and here we are, 25 years later, and those first seven albums are all I've ever needed, and damn if they don't hold up pretty well.

Once upon a time, way back around September of 1967, I would argue that Nugent was Jimi Hendrix's equal, and that would require an Amboy Dukes track or two streaming here at Hot Poop to prove my point, but quite frankly, I'm too tired for that right now...

Anyways, enjoy this roaring chug of a song from our favorite Motor City Madman, excepting Jack White (weeeeee!) of course...

Hotcha! Hank

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