30 October 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 141

I've lived in one half of a side-by-side duplex for the past 12 years...These are just a few of my neighbors...

Kelly lived by herself, although her boyfriend "visited" most weekends, totally wired on crack, and beat her pretty fucking hard. I was her "safe house" until the cops showed, for awhile, until I finally told her I wouldn't do it anymore. I told her I wasn't helping her, really, because the only solution was for her to get as far away from this guy as possible. Besides, I didn't really like having 2 or 3 cops in my house at 3am on such a regular basis. Otherwise, Kelly was pretty cool. Yeah, she liked to do a line or three of blow on a Friday and/or Saturday night herself, and she liked her red wine, but she also baked the moistest brownies I've ever had, and she insisted on always mowing the lawn (a shared responsibility in the duplex) because she said it was like meditation for her. I understood. Dishwashing. Kelly lived on the other side for the first two years I lived there, until moving out without any notice one day. By that point her boyfriend was in jail for burglary, but I like to think Kelly is living somewhere near an ocean, with him completely in her past.

Carl couldn't hold a job. It might be because all he owned were basketball uniforms, literally, but more likely it had to do with his hardcore addiction to World Of Warcraft - 36+ hour marathons at a time, and he had the mountain of Red Bull cans to prove it...Carl stole my lawn mower and gas can when he moved out suddenly one day, which I found rather amusing because he never mowed the lawn once in the year he lived here . The landlord told me he owed 3 months back rent when he split.

Pam was pretty cool. She was a single, 40-something long-haul truck driver who chain smoked Virginia Slims and chain drank Rum'n'Diet Cokes, and had the voice to prove it...Her and I were starting to fool around a bit (just the back hallway and two doors between us), as slightly drunk and totally single neighbors are wont to do. It wasn't a bad thing because she was on the road 4-6 days a week, and both of us really liked the loose, casual nature of it all. The sloppy beej on the washing machine was a particularly memorable evening...Then her elderly mom in Des Moines got sick, and she moved back home to take care of her. We kept in touch for a year or so, and then we didn't...

Connie was a college co-ed. During the first week she lived on the other side, she was washing her car in the driveway when I came home for lunch, and I introduced myself and talked to her just long enough to find out she was from Green Bay, majoring in biology, that she liked Hip Hop and painted her toenails lime green. During the next year she lived there I only talked to her one more time when she came down to the basement while I was doing laundry one evening, and we talked just long enough for me to learn she spent most of her nights at her boyfriend's place, closer to campus, and that she totally promised to mow the lawn the next week. I briefly imagined getting a sloppy beej from Connie, which made me think of Pam. I kinda missed her. Anyways, Connie never did mow the lawn, and then moved out a month or so later. She stole my laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener sheets and a laundry basket that (believe or not) had sentimental value. She left behind a toaster oven and a beat-up 10-speed bike.

Bob was a 50-ish fork lift driver at Oscar Mayer who drank a heroic amount of beer with his nephew, Matt, and watched ESPN and porn exclusively. I thought he was a pretty innocuous guy until I discovered him stealing my electricity one day - running a heavy-duty extension cord from my outlet in the basement up the stairs, and under his back door to his side of the house. I yanked the cord from my outlet, and banged on his door. Even though I could hear ESPN through the door, Bob didn't answer. Bob did a remarkable job of avoiding me, and then about two days later, I found him once again stealing my electricity. Same runaround, except this time, I took digital, time-stamped photographs of the dirty deed. I slipped a note under his door telling him if he didn't stop stealing my fire, I wouldn't just tell the landlord next time, but also take my pictures to the cops. Two days later, he was stealing my electricity again, so I took a pair of hedge shears that the landlord just happened to have in the basement, and I cut his extension cord into about nine pieces. The next morning I found a note under my door from Bob, demanding I replace the extension cord or give him $30. I banged on his door, hearing ESPN coming from inside his place, but again, he refused to answer the door. I called my landlord, who told me he had already served Bob with an eviction notice. We were all expecting Bob to be the kind of guy to fight the eviction (In Madison it's legally quite difficult to evict a renter), but much to our surprise, he disappeared in the middle of the night about two days later, but not before taking a dump in the back hallway in front of my door. Like Carl, Bob owed 3 months back rent when he split.

Sarah was another Connie, but with bigger eyes and better curves, and a declared major in Psychology. Her and her boyfriend fought and fucked loudly, and alot. One time, when I was sitting on the toilet, I heard Sarah singing "Magic Man" by Heart on the other side of the wall separating us. I imagined she was singing in the shower, and then I imagined other things. It's fun to imagine. Sarah lived here for about 8 months before splitting. She had a habit of using my electricity to do her laundry and drying, but otherwise, was an alright neighbor, I suppose. Man, their sex was LOUD!
Ashley moved in one Sunday afternoon, met her once in the front yard, and then she moved out three weeks later. Apparently she hated UW, was homesick, and moved back in with her parents. I never got the chance to ask what her major was.
Erick "with a CK, like sick, cuz I'm ill, yo!" was a full-time wigger and half-assed Juggalo. He drove a sad, miserable old Toyota Celica with a boomin' system, wore full-on basketball gear almost as often as Carl, had pizza delivered every single night that he didn't bring home one of those $5 footlongs he slapped together part-time at the Subway two blocks away...Other parts of the time, I'm pretty sure he was dealing drugs. He certainly smoked alot of weed...I was tempted to try scoring off him for awhile, but having decided he was positively one of the dumbest human beings I had ever talked to, I further decided to limit my interactions with him. He was so dumb, it wasn't even entertaining to me, or rather, his was an annoying kind of dumb, and don't even ask me to explain. Carl was another one who used my electricity to do his laundry and drying, and my two attempts to remedy the situation were expectedly futile. At last I got wise and put my basement outlet under a lockbox and deducted the cost from my rent.
Jeff was a 40-ish dude, brawny and possibly covered in a very thin, imperceptible, coating of motor oil. I wrote about him a bit elsewhere. Jeff was a bit scary on sight, but wasn't really a bad guy. He bartended and bounced, liked Classic Rock Radio kinda stuff, drove a pick-up, and dated a very tall blonde woman named Katie who looked a little busted, but kinda in a pretty way. She called me "babydoll" and liked to go play bingo at Ho-Chunk, and Jeff was very sweet to her, which I will always remember. He lived on the other side for about a year and a half, and I kinda missed him when he and Katie decided to move to Milwaukee.
Eve lives on the other side now. She's a large, pretty young woman who always wears muu-muu's and flip-flops, and her toes are always painted in bright colors. She's a phone sex operator (the third I've known in my life, believe it or not), and a rather boistrous, funny woman who nonetheless has very loud, nasty arguments with her boyfriend. I kinda feel bad for him because he seems to be a pretty nice guy, and because she talks for a living, always gets the better of him in their arguments.
Sometimes I imagine Pam driving her big rig somewhere out in the desert southwest, and I think of the washing machine. It has served so many, so well...
Hotcha! Hank

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29 October 2009

Ghosts Of Sideways Astronauts

I stand corrected...I still want to know how it feels to be Sally Timms...And now, Jon Langford a bit too...

Team Mekons!

Hotcha! Hank

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Sideways Sideways Sideways

We've all of us always wanted to know what it felt like to be Bono...This is Sally Timms singing Johnny Cash's first single, "Cry, Cry, Cry"...I bet Bono has always wanted to know what it felt like to be Johnny Cash...I know I have...More than I've always wanted to know what it felt like to be Bono, in fact...

Anyways, I bet Sally Timms has always wanted to know how it felt like to be Johnny Cash too...I never wanted to know what it feels like to be Sally Timms until about 41 seconds ago, and I suppose in another hot minute or so this feeling will pass...

Hotcha! Hank

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Happy Birthday, Winona!

Because I am 100% certain that Winona Ryder reads HOT POOP regularly, I would just like to take this opportunity to wish her a very happy birthday, so...

Happy birthday, Ms. Horowitz!

Dare I say you are more lovely and talented and intriguing than ever? Yes, I dare...Time brings a kind of grace...

Hotcha! Hank

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27 October 2009

Tuesday's Fortune: 27 October 2009

MEAL: 1 Roast Pork Egg Roll + 1 small order Kung Pao Chicken = $5.65 + $1.35 tip

Hotcha! Hank

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23 October 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 140

There was a time, about a decade ago, when I had this reoccurring dream about being manhandled by Sally Timms in my dad's garage. She had me on my knees with a handful of hair, forcing my face between her legs. Because this was a dream, there were three squirrels sitting on the workbench, watching the action like they were judging us...me.
Fucking squirrels - even in my dreams they're the enemy!
Anyways, I had this dream three times, according to my notes, but I have no idea why. Sally Timms has never intrigued me, sexually or otherwise, and The Mekons are a fine, respectable band, but one I've never slobbered over, so to speak.
I mean, those filthy dreams involving Kim and Kelley Deal in a bathtub are understandable...Or the many glorious nights spent in a Winnebago with The Donnas - I get that...
And I even get those fucking squirrels. But Sally Timms? Hm...
According to my notes, she didn't care about my safeword.
Hotcha! Hank

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20 October 2009

Tuesday's Fortune: 20 October 2009

MEAL: 1 order (4) Chicken Wings + 1 order Fried Crispy Bean Curd = $7.45 + $1.55 tip

Hotcha! Hank

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19 October 2009

Sideways Maneuver Just Wants To Be Your Everything

Only a manchild as sexy as Andy Gibb could get away with wearing an unzipped satin cricket jacket, even in 1977. 78% of male America was unbuttoning their shirts back then, due in no small part to cocaine, and it was simply a bad decision for all of 'em, save Andy and possibly two of his older Gibb brothers from the BeeGees...Linda Ronstadt coulda pulled it off, if it wasn't for her perky tits. America was almost as afraid of perky tits back then as we are today.

But I digress.

I think this video proves my long-held theory (nay, belief), that the bigger one's teeth, the bigger the success. Whiteness certainly counts, but size matters most. Try thinking of a famous person with small teeth. I can't, but I don't really want to right now.

I digress.

I might be wrong, but I'm fairly certain Andy Gibb was singlehandedly responsible (Rex Smith and Shaun Cassidy probably factor, but barely enough to mention) for my sister Starsky going through puberty when she was 10 years old, and what I mean, you pervert, is that he exuded soooo much sexiness on his album covers and posters and Tiger Beat photo spreads and appearances on American Bandstand that my sister literally willed herself to become a woman. That's fucking sexy, babycakes, and Andy had it 100%. The only man who possibly had that much sex power in 1977 was Burt Reynolds, but he wasn't for the little girls like Andy was. Burt was for the ladies, like my mom, who had her copy of Cosmo with the naked centerfold neatly tucked at the bottom of her stack of cooking and sewing magazines in the dining room. It was the only copy of Cosmo she ever owned, such was the power of Burt on the housewives of that decade, but now I'm really digressing...

Hotcha! Hank

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16 October 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 139

Guilty pleasures. I don't believe in 'em.
This non-belief fits into my philosophy (certainly not original) that there is no such thing as "good" and "bad" music. I mean, there's an argument to be made that some songs are better written than others, that they follow certain "rules" of songwriting (intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, outro), and utilize specific chord groups and progressions (G, C, G, C, D, C) that for reasons that can't really be explained except to say that they are familiar and comforting to our collective intellectual and aesthetic sensibilities. But these "rules" offer no quantifiable proof that a song is "good" or "bad". Music is simply too deeply wired into our brains and souls and culture to be qualified in such a way. We (as individuals) either like a particular song and/or musician, or we don't (or sometimes we're simply ambivalent), and that's a truth that most of us don't figure out until we're older, and categorizing everything as "sucking" or "not sucking" is no longer a satisfying game to play.
I like Andy Gibb, and I like this song, and there's absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.
If you don't agree, well, that's because you suck.
Hotcha! Hank

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13 October 2009

Tuesday's Fortune: 13 October 2009

MEAL: 1 order (8) Crab Rangoon + 1 small order Moo Goo Gai Pan = $8.00 + $1.00 tip

Hotcha! Hank

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09 October 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 138

Of course, the remastered re-release of the entire Beatles catalog was the musical event of the season, if not the entire year, and for good reason - the original CD mastering sounded like absolute ass, and the new versions are stunning by comparison.
I like The Beatles, who doesn't? I respect their prolific output, and their songwriting skills are impeccable, plus I always felt that their musical progression is a rather remarkable mirror of the 1960's in general, from their innocent skiffle beginnings of the early '60's to the drug'n'mysticism influenced latter years when the counterculture ruled the pop culture landscape. More than any other band, The Beatles owned that decade. The Beatles were the 1960's.
But you know what? I was much more excited about the remastered re-release of The Jesus Lizard's Touch'n'Go recordings, which just hit the streets last week. I was excited, their great fucking music aside, because I owned those albums on cassette, and those cassettes had certainly seen better days, having been played and played and played to within an inch of their lives. And nobody plays cassettes anymore, including me.
The Jesus Lizard are one of those bands that pretty much defines what Rock music is to me - an unrestrained expression of the human Id. The Jesus Lizard were unpredictable, ugly and oftentimes violent, both musically and lyrically. David Yow sang about nasty people doing horrific things to themselves and others, cutting right to the heart of the human condition - the idea that underneath the thin veneer of civilized society, we are really just a bunch of animals with sick thoughts and poor impulse control. If that ain't Rock'n'Roll, I'm not sure what is.
Hotcha! Hank

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06 October 2009

Tuesday's Fortune: 06 October 2009

MEAL: 1 Roast Pork Egg Roll + 1 order (8) Crab Rangoon + 1 Fried Sweet Bun = $7.85 + $1.15 tip

Hotcha! Hank

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04 October 2009


This month's EVERYTHINGATHON! turned out pretty well, I'd say...
Wherein I insert myself as Dr. Watson into an old Sherlock Holmes radio show, and proceed to swear alot...
Hotcha! Hank

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02 October 2009

Something 4 The Weekend # 137

One of my favorite concerts/shows I ever attended happened here in Madison a few years ago, when I had the pleasure of seeing this Klezmer band, Yid Vicious, perform live at Mama Fool's coffee shop on Willie Street.
Now, Mama Fools is a long, narrow space, which probably has enough seating for about 30 people during normal business hours. On the night I saw YV, there must have been somewhere between 100-150 people packed into the place, and considering the nature of Klezmer music (and other styles of Eastern Europe), many of these people wanted to dance...Nay, were compelled to dance...
Let me just say I've been in hardcore moshpits that were more genteel...
It was a magical night...The rain outside, colored by the street lights and stop lights, was dotting and streaking the windows with diamonds of light, which backdropped the band, itself numbering at least 8-10...
It was a joyful, magical night for a Polack like me...
Hotcha! Hank

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Hank Ranks No. 28

My 9 Favorite Sausages

When it comes to meat, and you can bet yr ass I'm a carnivore, I eat an awful lot of sausages...They're tasty, they're versatile, they easily go mobile, and alot of 'em are pre-cooked for ease of use...and plenty of 'em, like Summer sausages, don't even need to be refrigerated...For a single guy like me, it's easy to slice some salami or braunschweiger for sandwiches, or grill up one or two hot dogs or bratwursts at a time for a quick and easy lunch with no leftovers...And almost nothing beats a big, fat kielbasa sweating in a bed of saurkraut and potatoes in a crockpot...Almost...


09: Venison Summer Sausage I come from a family of hunters, and here in Wisconsin, that means whitetail deer. Now, I never cared for venison steaks, or venison burgers, finding the meat a bit too "gamey", but dammit if I didn't love venison summer sausage, and to a lesser extent, venison jerky. It's all about the seasoning, heavy on the mustard seeds, black pepper and garlic.

08: Hungarian Winter Salami 100% pork seasoned mostly with white pepper and allspice, cured cold and smoked slow...Known for the mold on the outside of the casing. Even though this is a Hungarian salami, the Polish deli I used to go to (before it made way for a fucking Starbucks) often had this stuff...And it was good...An interesting alternative to regular store-bought hard salami.

07: Iron Sausage There is no such thing as "Iron Sausage", except in the lyrics of the Frank Zappa song, "The Torture Never Stops". And if I'm parsing the lyrics correctly, the "iron sausage" Frank mentions is some sort of torture device... "In the night of the iron sausage, where the torture never stops..."

06: Italian Sausage When it comes to pizza, I'm an Italian sausage guy all the way...Pepperoni is a salami, of course, but it just doesn't measure up to a fat chunk of sausage when it comes to pizza...Sausage and onions and black olives on a thin crust, which I believe is called "Portland-style". Otherwise, Italian Sausages are probably the second best grilling sausage after the venerable bratwurst.

05: Cumberland Sausage Cumberlands are long, curly pork sausages from Britain that are heavy on the pepper and often used for "bangers and mash", the popular British pub grub. Add some thick onion gravy, and what more needs to be said?

04: Braunschweiger Also known as liverwurst. Ahhh, soft smoked pork livers...Spread on toasted rye with a touch of mustard and a thick slice of Swiss cheese - delicious! The strange thing is, I vowed to never eat liver of the "liver'n'onions" variety once I left home, and I never have, but I sure do love liverwurst sandwiches. I almost always have Braunschweiger in the fridge.

03: Bockwurst Similar to bratwurst, except there is typically more veal than pork in the mixture, and just about any other type of ground meat can (and has) been substituted over the years, although I could never take a shine to any sausage made out of things like turkey or chicken, finding the idea just wrong. The other major difference between bockwurst and bratwurst is the fact that bockwurst is typically simmered, rather than grilled like brats. Great with mustard and originally created as a compliment to Bock beer, thus the name.

02: Wiejska Kielbasa A long, U-shaped pork and veal sausage known as "wedding sausage" in Poland. Seasoned heavily with garlic and marjoram, this is perfect for the crockpot in winter. Serve on a big plate with mashed potatoes and saurkraut, plus some horseradish - few things better on a long, long Sunday of NFL football...Aside from Chopin, perhaps Poland's greatest contribution to world culture.

01: Nürnberger Rostbratwurst The popular German version of what we call a "bratwurst" here in America...To me, it's the quintessential sausage, so tasty and versatile, and at least here in Wisconsin and the greater midwest, so pervasive. It always saddens me (yes saddens) when I travel around the western states to know that finding bratwurst is an oftentimes difficult task. Those people in California and Oregon have no idea what they're missing. Sausage of the gods...Sausage of the working man...

Hotcha! Hank

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01 October 2009


No, I don't think Roman Polanski should be let off the hook for drugging and raping a 13 year old girl in 1977. But these prominent people do...Careful, somebody you admire is probably on this list...

Is there something I'm missing? It's hard for me to believe so many of these people would actually defend the drugging and raping of a 13 year old girl...I mean, I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but drugging and raping a 13 year old girl by a 44 year old man is simply wrong...



Erika Abrams, Fatih Akin, Yves Alberty, Stephane Allagnon, Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, Gianni Amelio, Wes Anderson, Michel Andrieu, Roger Andrieux, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Frédéric Aranzueque-Arrieta, Alexandre Arcady, Fanny Ardant, Asia Argento, Marie-Hélène Arnau, Darren Aronofsky, Olivier Assayas, Alexander Astruc, Gabriel Auer, Zdzicho Augustyniak, Alexandre Babel, Fausto Nicolás Balbi, Eleonor Baldwin, Jean-François Balmer, Alberto Barbera (Museo nazionale de Torino), Luc Barnier, Christophe Barratier, Ernest Barteldes, Carmen Bartl, Pascal Batigne, Anne Baudry, Juan Antonio Bayona, Xavier Beauvois, Liria Begeja, Matthieu Béguelin, Gilles Behat, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Marco Bellochio, Yannick Bellon, Monica Bellucci, Véra Belmont, Jean-Marc Benguigui, Djamel Bennecib, Luc Béraud, Jacob Berger, Alain Berliner, Gael Garcia Bernal, Pascal Berney, Bernardo Bertolucci, Giuseppe Bertolucci, Jean-Marie Besset, Marlène Bisson, Arnstein Bjørkly, Lucien Blacher, Virginie Blanc-Brude Bard, Jean-Marc Bloch, Catherine Boissière, Anne-Sylvie Bonaud, Olivier Bonnet, Thierry Boscheron, Freddy Bossy, Patrick Bouchitey, Cédric Bouchoucha, Paul Boujenah, Frédéric Bourboulon, Katia Boutin (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Ian Brady, Jacques Bral, Sophie Bramly, Paulo Branco, Patrick Braoudé, Guila Braoudé, Edwin Brienen, Isabelle Broué, Max Brun, Merima Bruncevic, Anne Burki, André Buytaers, Anthony Byrne, Marco Cacioppo, Gerald Calderon, Monica Cannizzaro, John Carchietta, Christian Carion, Henning Carlsen, Jean-Michel Carré, Esteban Carvajal Alegria, Lionel Cassan (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Bryan Cassiday, Mathieu Celary, Teco Celio, Muriel Cerf, Chagi, Jean-Yves Chalangeas, Daniel Champagnon, Christophe Champclaux, Georges Chappedelaine, Fabienne Chauveau, Claire Chazal, Patrice Chéreau, Brigitte Chesneau, Mishka Cheyko, Catherine Chiono, Catherine Chouchan, Elie Chouraqui, Souleymane Cissé, Jean- 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Joubert, Michel Ocelot, David Ogando, Mariana Oliveira Santos, Szentgyörgyi Ottó, Martine Pagès, Eric Pape, Abner Pastoll, Alexander Payne, Richard Pena (Directeur Festival de NY), Lindsey Pence, Olivier Père, Suzana Peric (Membre de l'équipe du dernier film de Roman Polanski "The Ghost"), Jacques Perrin, Thomas Pibarot, Arnaud Pierrichon, Stéphane Pietri, Anne Pigeon Bormans, Samuel Pinon, Claude Pinoteau, Michele Placido, Sabrina Poidevin, Agnès Catherine Poirier, Jean-Yves Potel, Stéphane Pozderec, Harry Prenger, Jean et Marie Prévost, Gilbert Primet, Marie-Hélène Raby, Philippe Radault, Tristan Rain, Florence Raphaël, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Joseph Rassam, Rolandas Rastauskas, Brett Ratner, Raphael Rebibo, Jo Reymen, Laurence Reymond, Yasmina Reza, Christiane Rhein, Jacques Richard, Dominique Robert, Jean-Jacques Rochut, Yannick Rolandeau, Paul Rondags, Avital Ronell, Frank Roozendaal, Graciela Rosato, Kontochristopoulou Roula, Laurence Roulet, Joshua Rout, Paolo Roversi, Florence Rphael, Isabelle Ruh, Martin Ruhe, Sonia Rykiel, Anita S. Chang, Esteban S. Goffin, Joaquin Sabina, Marc Saffar, Ludivine Sagnier, Gabriela Salazar Scherman, Walter Salles, Jean-Paul Salomé, Jean-Frédéric Samie, Marc Sandberg, Léo Scalpel, Jerry Schatzberg, Richard Schlesinger, Daniel Schmidt, Georg Schmithüsen, Julian Schnabel, Barbet Schroeder, J. Neil Schulman, Pierre Schumacher, Ettore Scola, Luis Gustavo Sconza Zaratin Soares, Martin Scorsese, Steven Sedgwick, Steven Sedgwick, Andrea Sedlackova, Frank Segier, Michèle Seguin-Sirhugue, Guy Seligmann, Lorenzo Semple Jr, Julien Seri, Sophie Sharkov, Boris Shlafer, Antoine Silber, Pierre Silvant, Charlotte Silvera, Noel Simsolo, Christophe Sirodeau, Abderrahmane Sissako, Beatrice Sisul , Petter Skavlan, Marcin Sokolowski, Paolo Sorrentino, Roch Stephanik, Karen Stetler, Guillaume Stirn, Gérard Stum, Jean-Marc Surcin, Tilda Swinton, Jean-Charles Tacchella, Radovan Tadic, Danis Tanovic, Bertrand Tavernier, André Techiné, Cécile Telerman, Harold Alvarado Tenorio, Alain Terzian, Christian Texier, Valentine Theret, Virginie Thévenet, Pascal Thomas, Jeremy Thomas, Marc Thomas Charley, Giuseppe Tornatore, Serge Toubiana, Nadine Trintignant, Julie Turcas, Mitja Tušek, Tom Tykwer, Alexandre Tylski, Stephen Ujlaki, Jaques Vallotton, Phil van der Linden, Betrand van Effenterre, Leopold van Genechten, Christophe van Rompaey, Dorna van Rouveroy, Elbert van Strien, Vangelis, Lucília Verdelho da Costa, Christian Verdu, Jean-Pierre Vergne, Sarah Vermande, Julien Veyret, Marc Villemain, Jean-François Villemer, Daria Vinault, Verde Visconti, Thomas Vossart, Gilles Walusinski, Eric Watton, Dominique Welinski, Wim Wenders, Anaïse Wittmann, A Wolanin, Margot Wolfs, Arnaud Xainte, Paule Zajdermann, Christian Zeender, Terry Zwigoff.

And here's a few more:

Isabelle Adjani, Valerie Alati, Antoine Aronin, Benjamin Arseguel, Paul Auster, Sebastien Azzo, Morgane Beauverger, Candice Belaisch-Goldchmit, Yamina Benguigui, Clément Brua, Pascal Bruckner, Emmanuel Carpentier, Catherine Chouchan, Sandrine Clarac, Jessika Cohen, Gilles Collard, Philippe Corbé, Jean-Luc Cosotti, Estelle Cywje, Jean-Paul Dayan, Cynthia Derolez, Katarina De Meulder, Romain Desbiens, Arielle Dombasle, Nathalie Faucheux, Claude Fichard, Corinne Figuet, Julien Fontaine, Pierre Forciniti, Harrison Ford, Barbara Frei, Louis Garrel, Albert Gauvin, Johanna Gozlan, Davide Homitsu Riboli, Taylor Hackford, Isabelle Huppert, Siri Hustvedt, Jeremy Irons, Laurence Jacquemin, Neil Jordan, Paola Jullian, Thierry Kamami, Milan Kundera, Gaelle Lancien, Valérie Lang, Claude Lanzmann, Veronique Lestrade, David Leroy, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Saskia Lévy, Dominique Maisonneuve, Carlo Mancini, Georges Mazilu, Sam Mendes, Camille Meyer, Patrick Mimouni, Yann Moix, Laurits Munch-Petersen, Nadine Nahmiasm, Bernard Nahmias, Mike Nichols, Sandra Nicolier, Marie Nieves, Perez Neël, Claude Nunzy-Valery, Lucien Obellianne, Sigrid Obellianne, Luis Ospina, Catherine Paganessi, Natalie Portman, Françoise Ratajczak, Yannick Rolandeau, Salman Rushdie, Daniel Salvatore Schiffer, Patrick Samama, Carine Sarna, Ysabelle Saura Del Pan, Sophie Schmit-Flageollet, Kristin Scott Thomas, William Shawcross, Olivier Soares Barbosa, Steven Soderbergh, Nil Symchowicz, Danièle Thompson, Traube Nathalie, Arnaud Trichet, Eugenia Varela Navarro, Jean-Pierre Vergne, Diane von Furstenberg, Margaret Walker, Elsa Zylberstein...

Did I mention that he drugged and raped a 13 year old girl, and all these people don't think he should be punished for it?


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